Undercover journalist

Well, just sat and watched the undercover right wing reporter rubbish. As always along with the mainstream groups and parties. Nothing new really, but at least they left us alone, so very good for us. What a total load of rubbish.  It was all the public groups who have no idea unlike us.

Personally I am still chuckling at hope not soap. That they down graded numbers and didn’t like the fact that the ladies can and will stand and fight for our race and land.

We are proud of out heritage and want to continue our race and culture.

Back to the programme the normal edited rubbish. I know personally that all that attended the meeting were invited personally by other  attendees from other pan nationalist organisations. None of the undercover females could understand that as white females we are willing to protect our past and future generations. I have been a mum as long as I have been apart of the movement. I want to see my children and their children grow up in a land they can be proud of.

We have always been a great nation that has set the rules and barriers. Please follow us and let us take our country back. We do not need to apologise for generations past as we are strong and proud. We fight to preserve what we know and we are classified as wrong because we won’t accept that we can’t have the right to protect what we love and what we are proud of.

I am a mum of 5 and they need a future, not one dictated by the left that says we have to accept race mixing. We can be proud to be white and not want to mix with other cultures.


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